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The Call

The little servants of Gloria Dei turn themselves over to God's holy will in all things, and hope that their witness will comfort the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so bludgeoned by the world's rejection of its Creator and the souls He sends upon the earth.

The loss of one soul is far too great to bear if not for God's direct intervention on the cross. The confirmation that love is never fearful nor lukewarm. Never gives up. Love is eternal. God and man come together at the cross. It is the fundamental point of intersection between Heaven and Earth. St. Theresa says, "Love is the Cross, and the Cross is Love." And by that Cross, the prayer of the called is that all souls gain Heaven and come together in that bliss beyond the end of time, in eternity of reconciliation, peace, and perfect joy which is union with God Himself. Those who are called have come to understand that it is now time we live our lives to raise up saints by becoming saints.

When the approaching shadow of night laments a haunting whisper deep in our soul, they will not fear the question we must all face in the end, when all else is said and done. On that dread or awesome day on which we each, at his or her appointed time, depart this rock, Jesus will ask: "Where were you when they were killing My babies?" With humble confidence, they should be able to answer: "I was with You, Lord. Take me home."


“Whatsoever you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto Me.” Matthew 25:40


Love Your Divine Savior With a Passion!

Your life will perfectly fall into place.

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