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Gloria Dei is a prolife community that abandons themselves in total union with God’s will for the Cause of the Unborn.

We capitalize the u in "Unborn" because Christ is seen in the babies when He said, "whatever you did for the least of these, you did to me."

Through community living, daily acts of reparation, spiritual adoption, conditional baptism and prayer in front of abortion sites we love the most vulnerable “staggering towards their death”. The Little Servants of Gloria Dei responds to God’s calling: 

  • To love God perfectly, and others before ourselves.

  • To love all men as though they were Christ Himself.  

  • To understand that we were condemned to die, and He died in our place.

  • To bring oneself to one's knees, interiorly and exteriorly, before God.

  • To pray for humility and personal growth in sanctification.

  • To die to self and save one's soul.

  • To be a beacon for others to find truth.

  • To bring all souls to Christ, with His grace.

  • To prepare oneself to die a martyr.

  • To thank God for the privilege if found worthy.

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