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Needs for Gloria Dei

The Little Servants of Gloria Dei is made up of full time prolife missionaries who live off of God’s providence. If you are so called, please consider, donating from these items below. For large gifts or monetary donations contact Little Servant Lauren at and there we can provide information on the 501c(3) tax deduction. Gifts can be mailed to LS. Lauren Handy P.O. Box 80318 Baton Rouge, LA 70898  

  • Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours (Click Here)

  • Sponsor a Candidate for Formation

    • Gloria Dei Prayer Book​

    • Liturgy of the Hours

    • Official Apostolate T-Shirt

  • Gift Cards for Gas Stations

  • Flyer Miles for Travel

  • Costco Membership

  • Used 15 Seater Van

  • Used 5-8 Seater Car or Van

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