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Charisms of Gloria Dei

Our constant prayer and the fervent actions of our lives lived in consecrated love is to be a humble instrument to bring Christ's love and forgiveness, His truth and His presence to all those most in need of His Divine Mercy. To this end do we dedicate ourselves. Our discipline, in essence, is to be a humble, obedient slave to love. Embracing, through Christ, every soul. Becoming a slave of love for the pure love of Christ Jesus. Because He first loved us. And because He died the death of all deaths, and lovingly holds out the cup of suffering, the cup of joy, to us. “Come, Lord Jesus, transform me.” For this purpose we come together in a prayer community, to love all, to defend life, to sacrifice, to consecrate ourselves to love Itself, God Almighty, our only cause.


  • Primary

    • To give glory to God by living in community, making a commitment of daily prayer, and being a  presence at abortion centers, and while there, where murder is committed, to maintain silence except for prayer and counseling. As well as visit and assist pro-lifers in prison.

  • Secondary

    • The new Cristeros respond to every attack upon the truths of Christ’s Holy Church, especially from the unfaithful, and lukewarm from within. Our response is through prayer vigils of reparation done at the site in sackcloth and ashes. In the humble petition to God, the Little Servants of Gloria Dei plead for the conversion of the whole world and the salvation of every soul, in particular those whom we publicly correct. Viva Cristo Rey!

  • Special

    • Associate Members

      • Those who choose to become an associate of Gloria Dei commit to pray the Universal Prayer daily for the Gloria Dei mission and to go out to a killing center and pray once a week, for one hour. It is encouraged to wear the official apostolate shirt to spread the message further.

    • White Rose

      • A team of two Gloria Dei young people, a man and a woman, will head up a youth crusade in designated areas to establish a pro-life youth movement which, through the grace of God, will spread upon the scene in every state. These youth teams, White Rosers, will organize youth in local areas to commit to pray one holy hour at the their neighborhood killing center each week (usually on a Saturday morning) and afterwards build a bond of camaraderie by hanging out together for food, friendship and fun. In other words, the Gloria Dei youth team will facilitate the bonding amongst the young people for the purpose of building an unique and committed group  that will work towards ending abortion within their communities.

    • Sanctuary Program

      • Wherever there is a Gloria Dei house, excluding a Formation Center, there will be housing and hospitality offered to homeless pro-lifers and their families or dependents, with the intention of making it possible for them to carry on their own prolife work, calling, and mission. They need not join Gloria Dei. However, if they wish, they may become Associate Members by committing to pray the 'Universal Prayer' daily.

    • The D.C. Project

      • In Washington D.C. a constant presence of two men, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in continuous prayer with a prolife picket sign. This constant prayer presence will be located at the three D.C. sites of power: the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court.  We ask men to lead this special charism because as a culture men should be the protectors of the family. These men’s example will inspire action in others through: giving glory to God at all times, witnessing to life before the seats of power in the capitol, every hour of the day and night, year unto year until the holocaust of the holy innocents ends.   

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